About Alan Reams

I started shop work in 1976. I picked up a copy of, A Cabinetmakers Notebook, by James Krenov that year and have labored in love with furniture making ever since. I have worked for the past 32 years primarily with architects and interior designers to supply corporate America with one of a kind boardroom tables, executive desks, credenzas and built-ins.

Along the way, I have been greatly influenced by Krenov, Sam Maloof, George Nakashima and many of the designers that I’ve worked with, especially John Gutzler and Laurie Smith.

More recently, I met Hal Taylor in 2009. With only minor modifications, the design of this rocking chair is his. Hal is an excellent craftsman, mentor and a man of patience. I love building these chairs, one at a time, putting all that I have into each one. For those that have enjoyed my work over the years as well as all I have yet to meet, I invite you to sit in my chair.

It will stop your conversation in mid sentence and put a smile on your face.

Alan Reams