Alan Reams Handmade Rocking Chair Information

After construction and sculpting, we remove almost all tool marks with a through sanding with 150 grit sandpaper. I say “almost” because I find it somewhat gratifying when, upon an extremely critical inspection, I stumble upon a small, barely noticeable rasp mark, letting any who ever see it know that this chair was truly handmade.

We then proceed sanding, over many hours, through 8 more grits, to 1500. We hand rub 4 coats of our finish blend, Danish oil and polyurethane, developed by my friend and neighbor, Gary Weeks, onto and into each chair. The result is a beautiful satin sheen and an amazing feel to the touch. Without fail, when someone sits in this chair, their hands begin to move all over the surface and they say something like,”I didn’t know wood could feel that smooth!”

To learn more about Alan's chairs contact him at (512) 636-0800.