Hand Crafted Rocking Chairs By Alan Reams

  • Beauty & Strength Beauty & Strength The joinery in this chair is designed for both beauty and strength. I weight tested my first chair to 430 lbs. (me plus my brother-in-law in my lap, rocking) and the chair easily passed the test.
  • Hand-Sculpted Joints Hand-Sculpted Joints There are 14 joints in this chair. Each one is expertly crafted and meticulously sculpted by hand.
  • Joint Crafting Joint Crafting You might have recognized this joint. It is the joint displayed on the front page animation.
  • Arm Rest Arm Rest The arms are shaped to cradle and to allow the elbow to rest comfortably off the back.
  • Seat Comfort Seat Comfort The seat material is picked for its beautiful grain and wide dimension. It is then cut, laminated and carved from a single piece of wood.
  • Structure & Esthetics Structure & Esthetics We use the wood grain both structurally and esthetically to achieve lasting beauty.
  • Lumbar Support Lumbar Support The back braces are shaped for lumbar support. They are laminated with four pieces of wood making them both flexible and strong. They will bend to fit your back. Lastly, they are captured; free floating in the top and bottom holes to allow for movement.